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Discover the story

Character and longevity

  • Name Greco di Tufo DOCG
  • Grape variety Greco
  • Alcoholic fermentation In steel tanks at 16/18°C.
  • Ripening About 4 months in steel tanks with permanence on its own yeasts.
  • Organoleptic testing The scent is intense and persistent. Clear fruit sensations can be recognised by smell. The acidity and marked flavour, resulting from the mineral soils of the Tufo area, are immediately perceived by taste. Soft balsamic notes follow.
  • Pairing Ideal with shellfish, buffalo mozzarella and first courses, also with elaborated dishes rich in flavour.

A unique grape variety

The Greco is one of the most important grape varieties in the world “at risk of extinction”; hence the origin of the Storie Feudi project.

The Greco has a very long history and was one of the first grape varieties narrated by Pliny the Elder, who already exalted its quality and expressive depth. 

The vineyard

The Greco di Tufo DOCG has existed since 2003 and is the smallest of the three Irpinia DOCG areas by territorial extension. The vineyards are small, spread out across the entire area and the most densely planted area is the one that develops in the north-east quadrant, between the municipalities of Tufo, Santa Paolina and Montefusco.  A wine of great character and longevity is born from the Greco grapes, harvested in October. The chalky soils of Tufo give the wine, despite the climatic changes, a marked minerality, freshness and persistence, such as to allow the Greco to compare itself with the great white wines of the world.

Rediscover the identity of Mediterranean flavours.

The commitment to this land

The signs of agricultural abandonment of an area where grape production is the main activity are increasingly clear despite the indisputable potential of Greco di Tufo, which has been praised by many professional tasters, not only of Italian origin.  One of the main commitments undertaken by Feudi di San Gregorio, through the transformation of its legal status into a Benefit Company in May 2021 and a new contractual policy towards its stakeholders, is precisely to give the farmers of the territory economic and productive stability in order for them to not abandon their lands.

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