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A commitment specifically to describe the wonders of Irpinia (in the Campania region) to wine lovers from all over the world, through Stories and Images.

With Storie Feudi, however, we aim to be a step ahead, by creating a district with our stakeholders in order to offer this territory a sustainable future and to protect it from the inevitable fluctuations of the market.
In recent years, we have seen the abandonment of many hectares of vineyards (in some cases characterised by ancient vines) in the main areas of our territory; we therefore decided to commit ourselves, through this new line, to finding new opportunities for our great native vines.
Storie Feudi is the witness of this commitment.

Our territory

The history of Feudi di San Gregorio is closely linked to its reference area, Irpinia (in the Campania region). The inspiration for its own creation comes from the difficulties experienced by Irpinia after the 1980 earthquake and from the desire to build an opportunity for growth around a product that had always been a key element of this territory.
L’Irpinia, the green heart of the Campania region, looks like a predominantly mountainous area with peaks that exceed 1800 metres. From a climatic point of view, it is distinguished by strong temperature variations, rainfall of over 100 days a year – 1200/1300 mm of water – and cold and snowy winters.
Thanks to its soils, which have strong volcanic and sandy matrices in large areas, the vines have been preserved from the Grape phylloxera epidemic that arrived at the beginning of the twentieth century. 
These unique soils allow Irpinia to be considered one of the cradles of the new European viticulture.
From ancient times the wisdom of gestures, the way of cultivating the land and the relationship itself with the same, have remained practically unaltered, preserving the knowledge of precious practices, which have been forgotten elsewhere. 

Irpinia: a casket of aromas and flavours

For Feudi di San Gregorio, Irpinia is an immense genetic database, naturally devoted to biodiversity, a casket of different aromas and flavours that have disappeared from our memory of taste and that must be saved and enhanced. Feudi’s challenge, in this sense, is to protect diversity for itself: non-homogeneity is a fundamental value for the wine of the future, not just for Feudi.
The vineyards have small extensions and are to be found among the woods, centuries-old olive trees and aromatic herbs. 
There are three great indigenous varieties in the province of Avellino (white-berried Fiano and Greco, red-berried Aglianico), which give rise to as many DOCG wines.