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Discover the story

The power and wealth of the territory.

  • Name Irpinia Aglianico DOC
  • Grape variety Aglianico
  • Alcoholic fermentation Fermentation and maceration in steel tanks for about 2-3 weeks.
  • Ripening About 8-10 months in steel tanks.
  • Aging Minimum 6 months in the bottle.
  • Organoleptic testing Intense and clear ruby ​​red. The scent recalls wild fruit, licorice and the undergrowth. The taste is balanced with an intense, balsamic and flavoured finish.
  • Pairing It is a versatile wine, it can be perfectly combined to main courses of meat (lamb in particular) but also with typical recipes of the Campania tradition, such as aubergine parmesan ("Parmigiana di melanzane").

Volcanic soils with an expressive character

Aglianico is a vine of Greek origin and one of the great red-berried varieties of the Italian tradition.
Originating from volcanic soils, where the colour of the earth recalls an ancestral dimension of the development of nature and life, Sabbienere is a young Aglianico, in which the fruit expresses the power and richness of the territory: the process of vinification is simple, the wine originates directly from the earth without undergoing invasive processes.

The vineyard

The great minerality gives Sabbienere an extraordinary expressive depth and a wide versatility in combinations.

Rediscover the identity of Mediterranean flavours.