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In May 2021 Feudi di San Gregorio chose to become a Benefit In May 2021 Feudi di San Gregorio chose to become a Benefit Company, inserting in its statute the commitment to protect and enhance the beauty of the environmental, social and cultural heritage of the Irpinia area and of its community.

In September 2021 Feudi di San Gregorio became the first Equalitas-certified Benefit Company, a wide-ranging certification in terms of Environmental, Economic and Social Sustainability.

The transformation into a Benefit Company – approved by the Shareholders’ Meeting held on 10th May 2021 – is both a confirmation and a starting point.
It is the confirmation of a commitment, which has been undertaken for many years now, regarding the sustainable action in environmental, social and economic terms: a commitment aimed at preserving the community around us, trying to leave a better world to the future generations than the one we have found.

A path testified by the numerous projects, which have been developed in recent years, from the implementation of the cultivation methods with less and less impact (developed in partnership with national and international research centres), to the adoption of increasingly sustainable packaging components, to the use of energy from renewable sources up to social projects.

However, it is at the same time a starting point because, for the first time, we have pushed ourselves to identify an overall multi-annual intervention programme, formally inserting it in our statutory charter. From this programme thus descend progressive, measurable and concrete objectives along various lines, which are fundamental for defining the scope of our commitments, first of all for our company community and for our closest stakeholders.

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